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What is Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere about?

Short version:
Toori Aoi, chancellor and student council president of the Ariadust Academy on the giant aerial city-ship Musashi, finds himself on a quest to conquer the world after confessing to a robot resembling a girl he accidentally killed ten years ago.

Less short version:
In the far, far future, humanity had reached a level of technological progress high enough to be comparable to godhood and left Earth for space. However, as numerous and grave conflicts arose, they were forced to return to Earth, having lost much of the technology they once possessed. They also found themselves constricted to the Japanese islands, as all other land had been rendered uninhabitable. In order to regain the lost technology, and to ensure stability in the remaining population, they started reenacting the events detailed in the Testament, a kind of all-encompassing history book. Everything proceeded smoothly until the Middle Ages, when the pocket dimension housing the recreation of world history events collapsed onto the real world, where events in Japanese history were reenacted. The resulting war ended with the reenactors of Japanese history being defeated and forced into a handful of territories. The story starts shortly after the Testament has suddenly stopped producing updates and rumors of an impending apocalypse starts to spread. As the city-ship Musashi, one of the few places where the former recreators of Japanese history are allowed some degrees of sovereignity, makes a stop at Mikawa, another of the Japanese territories, a plan is set in motion to avert this apocalypse. The centerpieces in this plan is the chancellor and student council president of the Musashi Ariadust academy, Toori Aoi, and the other is P-01s, the mysterious automated doll he's planning to confess to.

For more information, see Zeroblade's tumblr, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Wiki or RandomC Horizon Retrospective.

Is there more to enjoy in Horizon than just the fanservice?

Of course. Aside from the fanservice, Horizon also offers a grand-scale plot, a huge yet likeable cast, international economics and diplomacy, fantastic fight scenes, romance and a complex and interesting setting, just to name a few.

Does every girl in Horizon have huge breasts?

No, the bust sizes of the main cast range from surgically flat to the aforementioned huge chests with just about everything in-between.

Is Horizon a harem?

No, not yet.

Is the Horizon anime a good adaption of the novels?

The Horizon anime is a very faithful adaption, but in order to fit the massive amounts of text making up the first and second volume of the series into 26 episodes, cuts had to be made. All in all, as the adaption is very solid, although rushed in places and not nearly as extensive as the novels in others, it is definitely a good watch.

Why is he naked?

Why aren't you?

What is the Kawakamiverse?

All the works of author Minoru Kawakami (川上稔) take place in different eras of the same universe. The chronological layout of the eras in this universe goes like this:

  1. FORTH (連射王 / Rapid-fire King [novel])
  2. AHEAD (終わりのクロニクル / The Ending Chronicle [novel])
  3. EDGE
  4. GENESIS (境界線上のホライゾン / Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere [novel])
  5. OBSTACLE (OBSTACLE OVERTURE [android game], 激突のヘクセンナハト / Clash of the Hexennacht [manga/novel])
  6. CITY (都市シリーズ / CITY series [novel])

For more information regarding the eras, see Kawakamiverse history translation by js06.

How do I get into the Kawakamiverse?

There is no one answer to this. The most commonly taken path, due to the availabilty of translations, seems to be watching the Horizon anime and then reading the Horizon and Owari no Chronicle novels. If you know Japanese, however, you can start at any era as they are made to stand for themselves.

Where should I go to discuss Horizon and/or other Kawakami works?

At this point, the only place having consistent Horizon/Kawakami threads is 4chan's /jp/. Look for threads with Kawakami in the catalog.

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